Sold-out Item: 2011 $20 Silver Coin with Venetian Glass: “Tulip and Ladybug”

2011 $20 .9999 Silver Coin with Venetian Glass: Tulip and LadybugJ & M just sold the last two pieces we had of one of the Royal Canadian Mint’s most famous and well-loved coins: the “Glass Ladybug.”  The final price we sold at was $950, which represented a small discount off of its peak price at $1000.  The fine coin silver coin with Venetian glass kick-started a series that is concluding this coming Spring.  (Each year, these coins sell out very quickly, so be sure to be in touch early to get the final coin!)  The 2011 coin was issued at the older price for this series: $139.95, and ended out being one of the RCM’s all-time best performers in terms of value on the secondary market.  As the Mint Products Specialist here at J & M, I have in the past turned down the purchase of more of these coins while we still had good stock.  I am now more than willing to make an offer should you have one you’d like to sell (ask for me, Nathan).