2006 $50 Palladium Constellation Series Now Available at J&M!

2006 $50 Palladium Constellation Coin SeriesThe 2006 $50 Palladium Constellation series has always been my favourite series ever put out by any world Mint.  Ground-breaking when the series was introduced, the coins won the prestigious “Coin of the Year” *and* the Most Innovative Coin awards in Berlin.  The series is $7000 with free priority shipping anywhere in Canada; there is also one extra Autumn coin that can be purchased on its own.  To order, call 1-888-244-9999, or place an order through our website (click on “catalog” on the top left, then “Royal Canadian Mint” on the sidebar, and then “$50 coins and sets” on the next sidebar.

Update: all coins have been sold.