2nd Haunted Canada Ghost Lenticular Coin now in stock: Brakeman

2015 25 cent lenticular coin: Haunted Canada - BrakemanThe second coin in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Haunted Canada series is now out. “Brakeman” combines whimsy and mystery and makes for a good bit of fun.  Tilt the coin to see the man become a headless ghost!  Order yours soon to avoid disappointment; the previous coin in this series sold out very quickly.  With Hallowe’en coming up fast next month, now is the time to add this to your collection or to give to a friend or family member.  J&M is accepting orders through our website.  (Click on “catalog” on the top left, then “Royal Canadian Mint” on the sidebar, and then “25 cent coins and sets” on the next sidebar. Scroll down, and click on the price to add it to your cart.)


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