2016 Silver Fractional Set: Longest-reigning Sovereign

2016 Silver Fractional Set: Reverse of 1 oz. coinJ&M is pleased to announce that the new 2016 fractional silver and gold sets are in stock.  The set is quite different than it appears in the Royal Canadian Mint’s product information sheets and website.  In a word, it’s better.  The obverse of the 1-oz. coin features a frosted field with one leaf plated in rose gold, one in yellow gold, and one left in its original silver look.  It’s a poetic hymn to the autumnal season in which these coins were launched.

2016 Silver Fractional Set: Obverse of 1 oz. coinThe obverse features the effigy that graced the bronze coronation medals from 1953; this same effigy made an appearance on the golden jubilee commemorative 50-cent coins from 2002.  It’s worth noting that while the RCM’s website shows yellow gold on the effigy, the sets have rose-gold plating.  The effect is much nicer, not least because rose gold is so seldom used for plating accents by the Mint.

I was unable to get a very good image of the entire set, but there is an image below.

2016 Silver Fractional SetNote that the yellow gold plating is used only on the 1-oz. coin, rendering it distinctive.  The smaller coins probably benefit from this decision, though.

This set is expected to sell out quickly.  To order, visit our website at www.jandm.com.  (Click on “catalog” on the far top left, then on “Royal Canadian Mint’ on the sidebar, and then “Proof, Hologram, Colourized, Test Maple Leaf Coins and Sets, Lunar Zodiac and Other Fractional Sets” on the next sidebar.  Scroll down.  Clicking on the price of the item will add it to your cart.)


2nd Haunted Canada Ghost Lenticular Coin now in stock: Brakeman

2015 25 cent lenticular coin: Haunted Canada - BrakemanThe second coin in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Haunted Canada series is now out. “Brakeman” combines whimsy and mystery and makes for a good bit of fun.  Tilt the coin to see the man become a headless ghost!  Order yours soon to avoid disappointment; the previous coin in this series sold out very quickly.  With Hallowe’en coming up fast next month, now is the time to add this to your collection or to give to a friend or family member.  J&M is accepting orders through our website.  (Click on “catalog” on the top left, then “Royal Canadian Mint” on the sidebar, and then “25 cent coins and sets” on the next sidebar. Scroll down, and click on the price to add it to your cart.)

Diwali: Festival of Lights Celebrated in Stunning Gold by the Royal Canadian Mint!

2015 $200 pure gold coin: Diwali, Festival of LIghtsThe Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating the great Indian festival of Diwali with a stunning $200 pure gold coin.  Celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and others, Diwali is a festival of significant cultural value.  This coin, designed by Canadian artist Sarindar Dhaliwal, features layered circular friezes of design elements orbiting the central lamp and flame.  The overall effect is hypnotic and mesmerizing, while a pleasing Canadian touch is added with the maple leaves that appear along the outer rim.

The box and the sleeve are also quite stunning:

Box and sleeve for 2015 $200 pure gold Diwali coinPackaging is everything with the Royal Canadian Mint, but even by the RCM’s high standards, the box, with its intricate, elaborate pattern, is a stand-out.  Even the sleeve is absolutely gorgeous!

With a mintage of only 275 pieces, this coin is going to be difficult to get.  Order yours today by phone at 1-888-244-9999 or through our website.  (Click on “catalog” on the far top left, then on “Royal Canadian Mint” on the sidebar, and then on $200 coins and sets” on the next sidebar. Scroll down to the see the item, and click on its price.)

Please note that J&M is also pleased to carry a 0.5-gram 25-cent pure gold coin with a simpler design.  It can be found on our website as described above.

New and Noteworthy Royal Canadian Mint Coins for September Now in Stock!

September’s launch of Royal Canadian Mint coins is seeing some of the most interesting and beautiful designs in some time. To purchase these coins, please visit our website at www.jandm.com, click on “catalog” on the far top left, then “Royal Canadian Mint” on the sidebar, and then the denomination of the coins in question on the next sidebar.