New Item Received: 2007 25 Cents Ruby-throated Hummingbird

25-2007-ruby-throated-rJ&M has just purchased a 2007 Ruby-throated Hummingbird 25 cent coin from the popular Birds of Canada series.  This coin is a must-have for those collecting the series, and can be purchased for $119.95 plus applicable taxes.  You may purchase this coin either by phone at 1-888-244-9999 or through our website.  [Scroll down and click on the price associated with this set]

Update, May 22, 2015: This coin has now been sold.


New Item Received: 2008-2009 $15 Sterling Silver 4-Coin Set: “Playing Card Money”

2008-2009 $15 .925 Silver Playing Card Money SetNumismatists and those interested in the history of money have always been fascinated by an episode in the late 17th century when the Intendant of New France, Jacques de Meulles responded to a shortage of usable money.  He took a set of cards, and with a stroke of his pen turned them into currency.  The King of France communicated his displeasure, but New France did this again with several more issues.  This “playing card money” is behind the commemoration of this 4-coin sterling silver set issued by the Royal Canadian Mint from 2008-2009.  This is the only set we have in stock; the price is $399.95 plus applicable taxes.  We are accepting orders by phone at 1-888-244-9999 and on our website [scroll down and click on the price associated with this set].

Update, May 22, 2015: This set has now been sold.