2015 Maple Leaf Silver coins are now available

2015 $5 1 oz silver maple leaf coin - reverse We have received 2015 Silver Maple Leaf 1 Oz. coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. We also have some fractional Gold Maple Leaf coins with the 2015 date. Note not all sizes are available in 2015 date yet.

Visit our Broadway store to purchase yours today.

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Hard-to-get Item: 2012 Uncirculated Set

2012 Proof-Like aka Uncirculated Set of 7 CoinsEarlier this morning J & M purchased a 2012 Uncirculated Set.  Collectors will know the significance of the set, and why it is in such high demand: it was the last uncirculated set with the penny in it.  This particular set is in excellent condition, and would make a wonderful (ahem!) Christmas gift for that special someone (or yourself).  To order, please visit our website or call us at 1-888-244-9999.  The price is $49.95, and it is the only set we have available right now.

UPDATE: This set has sold for the listed price and is no longer available.  When we get another set in, I will post another update on the main blog page.

Sold-out Item: 2011 $20 Silver Coin with Venetian Glass: “Tulip and Ladybug”

2011 $20 .9999 Silver Coin with Venetian Glass: Tulip and LadybugJ & M just sold the last two pieces we had of one of the Royal Canadian Mint’s most famous and well-loved coins: the “Glass Ladybug.”  The final price we sold at was $950, which represented a small discount off of its peak price at $1000.  The fine coin silver coin with Venetian glass kick-started a series that is concluding this coming Spring.  (Each year, these coins sell out very quickly, so be sure to be in touch early to get the final coin!)  The 2011 coin was issued at the older price for this series: $139.95, and ended out being one of the RCM’s all-time best performers in terms of value on the secondary market.  As the Mint Products Specialist here at J & M, I have in the past turned down the purchase of more of these coins while we still had good stock.  I am now more than willing to make an offer should you have one you’d like to sell (ask for me, Nathan).

Hard-to-get Item: 2013 $50 .9999 Silver Coloured Coin: 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabethiversary

2013 $50 .9999 Silver Coin: 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's CoronationThe 2013 $50 .9999 Silver Coin commemorating the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation is among the more beautiful of the Royal Canadian Mint’s creations.  The tastefully coloured image of the Queen in her robes contrasts with a beautiful, but retrained background of frosted and mirror-finish silver.  This particular coin is probably the most popular 5 oz. coin J&M has ever sold.  This single coin is attractively-priced at $549.95; to order, please call 1-888-244-9999 or visit our website.

UPDATE: This coin has now been sold (Jan. 23, 2015).

Hard-to-get Item: That’s One Big Penny!

2012 1 cent 5 oz. silver coinIt’s not every day that the Royal Canadian Mint makes a 5 oz. penny out of fine silver, but it did in 2012, the last year of the production of the circulation penny in Canada.  The “Farewell to the Penny” series included specially-wrapped rolls of 50 pennies (issued at $9.95, they retailed regularly for $100 only weeks after their issue date), a half-ounce silver coin with gold-plating, a 5-coin silver penny set with historical designs, and a “$20 for $20” coin that quickly sold out.  The 5 oz. coin, despite its relatively high price, was immediately popular.  J&M has acquired one coin recently; the price is $549.95.  To order, please call 1-888-244-9999 or go to our website.

Update: This coin has been sold.

Hard-to-get Item: 2005 Limited Edition Proof Silver Dollar with Enamel

Limited Edition Proof Enameled Dollar with colourized flag design from 2005The 2005 limited edition proof silver dollar with red enamel has been a favourite with collectors ever since it was released at $99.95.  The coloured silver dollar quickly jumped in value, and is now listed in the 2015 Charlton Catalogue for between $250-$275.  Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the present-day Canadian flag, this contemporary coin shows the the flag flying over the tower of the historic Parliament buildings.    J & M has acquired one of these recently, and it is available at the present time for the very low price of $229.95 + PST at 7% (BC residents only).  Call 1-888-244-9999 to order, or place your order on our website.

UPDATE (Dec. 30, 2014): Please note that this coin has now been sold.

The J & M Website for Coins

J & M has been in business for more than 40 years.  Our website isn’t that old, but it is aging.  Until it is replaced, to use the website, do as follows.  First, locate the blue bar running across the top of the page, and click on the word “catalog” on the very far top left corner.  You will now see a sidebar with links to Canadian coins and rolls (for older circulation coins), Canadian banknotes, and Royal Canadian Mint products, among other product categories.  Clicking on any of these links will take you to a second sidebar with more specific information.  For example, the “Royal Canadian Mint” section of the website is organized by denomination; each denomination gets its own page.

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100th Anniversary of Hockey Canada Coins Now in Stock

2014 $20 Fine Silver Coin - Hockey Canada_Beauty box front4J & M has finally received a very limited stock of coins celebrating the historic one hundredth anniversary of the hockey amateur association now known as Hockey Canada. Order quickly to avoid disappointment.  Orders can be placed by phone only for this item; call us toll-free at 1-888-244-9999.  The coin is coloured, and is fine silver.  PST applies to BC residents only.

UPDATE: This coin is now sold out.

Welcome to the J & M Blog

It took a while, but as of today, Dec. 3, this blog will be updated regularly by me (Nathan), and perhaps by other staff members.  At present, the blog will be focused almost exclusively on NCLT (“Non-circulating, legal tender” coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint for collectors).

On this blog, we will be posting information on product announcements frequently; we’ll also be posting information regarding sales and discounts from time to time; reviews and historical anecdotes will round out the mix of content, with other possibilities in the future. We encourage our customers to visit this blog regularly to keep up with their interests.